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    Default X-Terminator and GoldFinger added as SNES devices

    With the info from Mez's super-awesome thread and this helpful page, I added X-Terminator and GoldFinger as SNES devices on the site. What does this mean? It means the site will convert the SNES codes to these formats now, so you don't have to use an outdated converter program if you have a copier, like the Super UFO Pro 8, like I just picked up the other day.

    X-Term is the same as PAR, no big whoop. But GoldFinger codes are ROM codes that patch the ROM before it's loaded, as opposed to in the CPU memory like the Game Genie does. That's why you'll see address differences in the codes. There are some emulators that accept GoldFinger codes as well.

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    Happy Game Hacking.
    Please put all complaints in writing and submit them here.

    Above link not working? Try here.

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    Wow, awesome work as usual rimsky82!
    I really appreciate it!

    I had that same page bookmarked, and almost sent you the link yesterday when I noticed you clicked the like button in that thread.

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