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    Default Is there a PS2 (and 'other' next gen game) 'discs' r

    I mean well, like PXMPlay and such as that for say PS2 discs, XBox, and GC discs? Also other then a 'ripper'... is there like a way to 'convert' the music to MP3 and such that is reconisible by 'Music CD makers'.

    I basically want and wish to make 'music CDs for my driving times and all else...hehe you know music in CD players, anyway I want and wish some PS2/GC/XBox music of a few games...downloading on Kazaa lite is not happening, it seems, half the music is not even ever found, more like 80% is not even found. So, has it happened yet? Are they 'rippers' and converters for music files of PS2 games out there, yet?


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    Default Re: Is there a PS2 (and 'other' next gen game) 'discs' r

    Ripping PS2 dvd's could be cool. New Castlevania is coming out for that and it might make for some good tracks.

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    Default Re: Is there a PS2 (and 'other' next gen game) 'discs' r

    I'm not sure how much help this will be, but here's a site with a couple of programs that should at least be able to rip some audio:

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