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    Default [Release] ps2rd Cheat Device GUI (Alpha)

    I've combined ps2rd's cheating capabilities with a menu driven interface powered by GSKit. This will allow you to select individual cheats for any game in a list (like a normal cheat device). It supports all the code types ps2rd naively supports. Since I wanted to make this just for cheating, I've removed the debugger and LAN interfaces as they're not really needed. This was a project I wanted to tackle to strengthen my programming knowledge.

    Update - September 2, 2013
    I had some freetime over the past few days and made some updates to my cheating device GUI. It's more stable than previous releases and has had more unneeded parts of ps2rd removed (such as videomod). BOOT2 selecting now works as it should, so you can boot to a ELF instead of directly to disk. I've also added preliminary support for compressed code lists. Basically, you use the included "compress-decompress.exe" program to compress/decompress your cheat files using zlib compression. When using a compressed cheat list, it must have a file extension of ".bin" or else it will try to load it as text. Update ps2rd.conf to reflect whichever cheat list you're using. This should help cut down on loading times.

    Fix delete option (currently does nothing)
    Implement less-awkard cheat list compression (maybe use zip/7z files instead)
    More code cleanup
    PS2-side codelist manipulation (add/modify/delete/etc.)

    If you find any bugs, please let me know!

    Latest version:
    Updated source code will be available soon. Source on github is not the latest version.
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    Awesome! Will check this out asap.

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    That's awesome.

    I need to look around for some stuff GTLC did that involved a TSR GUI that could be called during game play and halt game execution. Once this GUI is stable, having it call an in-game ELF that allowed hacking capabilities during game play, without the use of a PC, would be amazing (it would be back to the GSPro days).
    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...

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    Although this is not my area of expertise, nor in any way, an understandable subject. But in response to Lazy Bastard, wouldn't that be possible through converting an elf to a C array. Then store it in the kernel or where you wish to store the hook and whatnot. Then in response to a button combination, jump to that address. Just like a subroutine. Only an idea and only noob talk.

    Oh wes_less, great job! Thanks for the inclusion of the source code. I have a small passion for GUI's and design and there has never been a source code that really implements all that I wish to understand about gsKit.

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    Thanks! It's not pretty but it gets the job done

    If I get around to it, I'll add keyboard support for inputting cheats.

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    Yeah, I have no way of putting up an attachment. So here is a possible help from an example of keyboard input. Requires: filexio.irx, ps2kbd.irx, usbd.irx. Makefile Dependencies: '-lkbd' ,'-ldebug'. So add those with EE_LIBS = ...

    # _____ ___ ____ ___ ____
    # ____| | ____| | | |____|
    # | ___| |____ ___| ____| | \ PS2DEV Open Source Project.
    # Copyright 2001-2004, ps2dev -
    # Licenced under Academic Free License version 2.0
    # Review ps2sdk README & LICENSE files for further details.
    # $Id: hello.c 1152 2005-06-12 17:49:50Z oopo $
    # Hello sample

    #include <tamtypes.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <debug.h>
    #include <libkbd.h>
    #include <loadfile.h>

    int main() {
    char newChar = 0;


    SifLoadModule("host0:fileXio.irx", 0, NULL);
    SifLoadModule("host0:usbd.irx", 0, NULL);
    SifLoadModule("host0s2kbd.irx", 0, NULL);


    PS2KbdSetReadmode( PS2KBD_READMODE_NORMAL );

    //////Do stuff//////
    scr_printf("Type something!\n");
    while( 1 ) {
    while (!PS2KbdRead(&newChar)) ;;;
    scr_printf("%c", newChar);
    // Shut down the keyboard library.

    // End program.
    return 0;
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    Thanks for the tip. I'd like to be able to embed the needed modules into the ELF though, to keep things simple.

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    Hold on let me look at your code to see if I can add a keyboard input method.

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    Seems that it may be incompatible with gsKit_fontm_print_scaled().

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    Here's a new binary for people to try out:

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