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    Hi Again Helder

    I wanted to write to you again to say that unfortunately there are several codes that dont work and unfortunately these are all codes that i didnt already have but wanted and needed but i wanted to say that this is certainly my fault and not yours because i very stupidly was posting PAL Pro Action Replay cheat codes as PAL Gameshark cheat codes and so when doing the comparison of cheat codes and trying to find the offset values to be able to convert all of the other cheat codes that i had posted the codes were both for different cheat devices as well as regions so i apologise very deeply and sincerely and i am hoping that you can forgive me for this because i also now want to post both PAL and NTSC Pro Action Replay codes for Digimon World 1 on PSX if i can find them so that this time the code conversion process and finding the offset values will lead to them being correct and all working properly, thank you.

    Here are all of the converted cheat codes that i tried out that didnt work:

    Max Bits
    8014BF08 E0FF
    8014BF0A 05F5

    Best Happiness
    8014F4DA 0064

    Best Discipline
    8014F4D8 0000

    Always Have Finish
    801546AA 0AF1

    No Eating And No Pooping
    8014F4C8 00FF
    8014F4EE 00FF

    I am so sorry about my mistakes and errors and i hope that you are not too cross and angry with me.

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    Hi Rimsky82

    Thank you very much for providing the correct calculations for me on how to convert NTSC Gameshark codes into UK PAL but i also wanted to mention the fact that i unfortunately and stupidly posted PAL pro action replay codes as PAL gameshark codes and so when using the conversion process of finding the offset values between the codes for the different regions in order to convert all of the other NTSC gameshark codes that i had posted the codes that i provided for comparison were from different cheat systems as well as regions so this is why when i have tried the cheat codes that helder kindly created for me they didnt at all work but this is entirely my fault for accidentally posting codes for different cheat systems and not at all because of helder making mistakes so i am sorry about this but i was curious to know how i can successfully convert/create cheat codes for the game if i happen to not have any PAL codes at all to start with so i could create them from scratch without having to do comparisons between different regions of a game as there might not exist cheat codes that are for both PAL and NTSC regions of the game so i would like to know how i could go about creating and hacking my own working codes so that i wont get stuck on any game that i like and am playing.

    I am also curious to know as you say that all of the cheat codes for Digimon World 1 have the same offset values except the Happiness and Discipline codes then how can i successfully Hack/Convert these codes into Working UK PAL format as well as all the other codes as i dont want to miss out on having these cheats activated along with the rest, thank you.

    I have now been looking online for a long time trying to find both PAL and NTSC Gameshark and Pro Action Replay cheat codes for Digimon World 1 but unfortunately i have been unable to find cheat codes for both regions of the game belonging to the same cheat device and so i hope that either you can find them or that you can Hack/Create working PAL Gameshark and PAL Pro Action Replay cheat codes for Digimon World 1 by just using the already available NTSC cheat code lists and not have to do comparison hacking in order to get the PAL version cheat codes for the game, thank you.

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    Well like rimsky said some codes wouldn't convert properly even with the offset so I might not be able to convert them and PAR is really the same as GS so unless you saw a difference in the UK Pal codes between the PAR and GS I'd say that the conversion would still fail.
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