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    Default Codebreaker v9.2 Patched to Load ELF Files Instead of Discs (PS2)

    These ELF files... rather, the old "GSHI" versions of them have been kicking around for a few years now. The domain change to broke the Day1, saves and IRC features of the ELFs, so myself having just recently hooked his PS2 back up decided to revisit ye olde elves and modify them accordingly.

    If anyone gets their panties in a bunch over these being copyright material, I wouldn't. Pelican abandoned everything CB a few years ago and if CMX has a problem with it, well I'd simply have four words for him... Come at me bro! So without further ado...

    Quote Originally Posted by readme.txt
    CBv92_GH_DAY1_ELFLDR is a joint project by bfoos and LiquidManZero. It's purpose is to provide an avenue for Day1 files, both official and community generated to be hosted and usable by those capable of using the ELF. Currently, both official Codebreaker Day1 code saves, and game saves are served.

    Feature list follows...

    * All of the original cracked ELF features (no Anti-mod chip, disable CD/DVD check). ~ PS2TG
    * HDL patch. Can load any ELF from the usual paths. ~ ffgriever
    * RSA patched to allow loading of unsigned .cbc files, no upgrade.bin required. ~ Credits to misfire for the RSA work, patched by bfoos
    * Domain changed to for retrieval of Day1 and game save files. ~ Patched by bfoos, Day1 server script by misfire, Day1 server setup by LiquidManZero of GSHI
    * IRC server and channel lineup changed. ~ Patched by bfoos, DNS redirect provided by LiquidManZero and GSHI, permission granted by Jupi <---No longer using the DNS redirect. It connects directly to now.
    * Built-in code list has been removed. (NC ELF ONLY)

    The ELF will load any ELF file in the following paths, instead of launching CD/DVD...

    "?" means region code.

    The IRC info has been changed from the defunct, to

    Channel lineup:
    #lsd <---If you ever hung around in #gsccc, you may recognize some people in here <---not so much these days... mevo is deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
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