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    Default GameCube ISO Tool

    Author - fig2k4

    GameCube ISO tool is basically what the name suggests. You can use it to convert between various GameCube formats for backup purposes or playing on most USB loaders via Dios Mios Lite.

    The main purpose of GCIT is as a testbed for GameCube functionality in Wii Backup Manager, but I've tried my best to also make it a usable standalone application.


    -Read and write Full size (scrubbed) or trimmed ISO/GCM, GCReEx and DiscEx formats with direct conversion.

    -Extract games from GCOS multi-boot ISO's to any of the supported formats.

    -Command line options for batch processing etc.

    -Save the original file layout to trimmed ISO's, allowing full size ISO's to be rebuilt at a later date with the same file layout as the original.



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    I like use trimmed ISO option for use in both Dolphin and DML

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