If ever you want to reach the 7th circle of cheating heaven, you better be following homebrew developer Pasky, as he most certainly knows the way. And to prove that he is indeed the master cheater of all time, in a good way take note, he just improved his pet application CWCheat Database Editor to v2.0.

In case you are not familiar with this app, CWCheat Database Editor spares users the hassle of manually editing their CWCheat .db files. With this app, every cheat is just a click away. After all, it wouldn't be cheat heaven if it isn't as easy as that, right? Anyway, these are the new changes for v2.0:

* It is now possible to paste codes into the database.

* Re-wrote the 'Download and Install CWcheat' function. It now downloads directly from CWCheat's homepage and should be faster.

* Fixed where the application downloads the latest database file since the old host seems to have gone down.

* Minor bug fixes throughout.

* CWcheat POPs Database Editor and CWcheat Standard Database Editor are now in one complete package! Simply switch between editing modes through the CONFIGURE menu.

* PEC Database Converter now built into CWcheat Database Editor. It should no longer freeze in game when loading the converted database since the strings converted are no longer greater than 32 characters in length. The PEC Database Converter can be found under the TOOLS menu.

* Cosmetic improvements.

Lastly, take note that you will be needing Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework and a UMD with this app. Have fun!

CWCheat Database Editor v2.0