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    Post [PS2] [Request] Ultraman Nexus (NTSC-J) codes

    could someone please make an infinite health code for this game. There are no codes for this game in the net. I don't understand why there are no codes for this game, because the game is very interesting.

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    Got all of this from here: http://www.codemasters-project.net/v...ultraman+nexus

    This game looks interesting to me.

    Source: http://www.playarts.co.jp/code/ps2/ps20000003w.html

    F010036C 002C816B

    All Characters and Secrets Unlock
    411B5640 00050001
    01010101 00000000
    411B5528 000D0001
    FFFFFFFF 00000000

    Source: http://bbs.chinaemu.org/simple/t58292.html

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    Thanks a lot!
    The code "All Characters and Secrets Unlock" is a real good thing.
    But the cheats from http://bbs.chinaemu.org/simple/t58292.html are unfortunately for another game. They are for the game "The Incredibles".
    I'm looking for an infinite Health cheat. I've looked for a codebreaker, gameschark or armax codes or raw codes, but i didn't find anything. There surely must be a way to make this cheat. Unfortunately I'm a newbie and I cannot find out this code.

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    You're welcome.

    Damn, you're right. I'm familiar with the Incredibles game and didn't notice they were for it. The "Increddi-power" code should have gave it away, but I thought it was just part of the poster's translation. As for the health code, I'll look around some more on the net for other codes.

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    Thanks. I hope you'll find something. I will wait. :-)

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    I can't do any hacking at the moment, but I got this game the other day. You'll have these codes for it when I return.

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    Great!!! Thank you in advance.

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    I just remembered this to ask you: can you tell me the key for your disc using this program. Post both lines here. Thanks in advance!

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    There you are:

    E8 CA 57 80 CF 1E B8 B1 67 49 E2 28 6F C5 E1 90 6C 0F F0 A6
    SLPS_204.20 0033CD2C 01C9875B C560D100 01C9875B C560D100

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    Great! We have the same version.

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