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    Default online cheat code converter scripts

    I suggest to add online cheat code converter scripts for emulators.
    Just like those used in this website:
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    Yes...we really should figure out how they implemented this, and do the same...or perhaps just collaborate with them in some way.
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    I built and run

    How would you like to collaborate?

    I like the idea of running my own site and all, but the truth is I don't get a whole lot of traffic, and I don't get very much, if any, interest in hackers adding codes. Considering I have tons of hours invested, I don't want to just give my source code away, but I am interested in talking to you about collaborating somehow.

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    It would be great to have the ExportCheats export feature on GSHI (though integrating it with our current database will likely present its own issues), but I don't know what GSHI can offer in return.

    We would be happy to provide credit and a link to with every export and export package. If you have another suggestion, feel free to let me know. We could always discuss this via PM or email if you prefer.
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    So... how is this thing going?
    I guess we need to add CRC32 hashes to the games db first.
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    As you probably know, rimsky82 is now admin staff at, and work on the new DB is underway...I don't know specifically what help might be needed, but rimsky82 could properly answer that question.
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    Games dbs are (mostly) all set up and ready to go. I'm working on converting the old codes db to be compatible with the new system, and tweaking the various classes and what not. Most of these conversions are automated through functions, so of course some fine-tunings will need to be made.

    The biggest help I will need from members will be after site launch, to peruse and test the codes and report when codes need edited or moved around. If there is another way for members to help, I will let you know.

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    Since went offline, i'm mirroring some of the cheatfile compilations here:

    BTW i hope the cheat export feature will be available soon!
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