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    Default New Geiger's SNES9X EP10R2 issues

    I've been actually using the thing a little, and I noticed that the cheat window is even more finicky than the last version's.

    Here's some stuff to remember when adding/updating cheats:
    1. Don't select any existing cheats in the file unless you have to. If you do select any, press the Clear button before closing it out.
    2. Don't fully fill in the Description field. If you can't type any more letters, delete at least 1 character. It will crash if you leave the last character in it.

    Maybe Geiger will update it to run the Clear button's code on either exit button, or the [X] in the corner. The description length issue is just one of those things, I guess.
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    Believe it or not, I actually fixed several bugs in the cheat window from the original source in the old version. Any bug you still experienced there could also be reproduced in the main build.

    But this time around, I didn't feel like rewriting all the windows to use MFC again like I did back in 2005. So what you have there is directly from the original source. Now its possible that there's some sort of conflict that arose between the two codebases that is causing more bugs than usual, the Lord knows I've had to stomp more than a few of those flat just to get the damn thing to compile properly, but the odds are good that its just some sloppy code written by someone who hasn't worked on the project in six or seven years.
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    I know that a crapload of code has been added, changed, or otherwise mangled to continue the tradition of having a usable debugging emulator.

    I'm glad you explained the status of the code. It's too bad that it doesn't work great, but it does work well enough.

    Knowing you haven't changed that part, I'm at least confident that it's primarily a coding condition oversight.

    Thank you for the explanation, and more so for putting so much work into making this debugger.
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