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    Default Fixed, Pre-Built, Win32 PS2SDK :)

    GSHI_PS2SDK - Version 4.5

    By Lazy Bastard, of

    Before anything else is said, let it be known that I've really done very little here. I didn't create the PS2SDK, nor did I contribute in any way to its creation. I'm merely fixing various issues with the current Win32 build of the PS2SDK, and providing the results of this endeavor. I've also had help from several people, who I will name at the end of this ReadMe.

    This package is current, as of January 5, 2009 (and will probably remain current for some time, given the rate of updates to PS2SDK).

    This is the fully compiled PS2SDK, using msys and MinGW (fixed), including gsKit (fixed; also improved for FONTM support; also improved drastically by Ragnorok's fixes), gslib, the SDL port, SDL Mixer, libjpg (functional version from myPS2 source), usbhdfsd, libcdvd, PS2Lib (for legacy/old source support), ps2eth, ps2ftpd, SMS, sioshell, sbv, uLE patches, ps2Perf, dreamGL, libtiff, romfs (partial functionality only; see below), libito (partial functionality only; see below), PS2-Packer (with all stubs), and PS2-Packer-Lite (in alignment with some sources floating around the 'net). Essentially, we have a fully-built, standard PS2SDK, and additional functionality through gsKit, gslib, SDL, SDL-Mixer, libjpg, usbhdfsd, libcdvd, PS2Lib, ps2eth, ps2ftpd, SMS, sioshell, sbv, the uLE patches, ps2Perf, dreamGL, libtiff, romfs, libito, PS2-Packer, and PS2-Packer-Lite. The required patches have, as mentioned above, been applied to include some added functionality, and allow uLaunchELF to compile. Mega Man's modifications to gsKit's FONTM support have been added as well, and the results are quite impressive. romfs and libito have been added, but, as the PC tools are Linux binaries, you won't be able to create romfs images using genromfs, or use the image conversion tool "itt" in libito (however, you will still be able to compile most sources that require romfs or libito, and you'll still be able to use either in your own projects, aside from those tools). I will likely add more functionality as I find the need for it, understand it, or figure out how to fix it. Please get in contact with me if you can help, even as a tester.

    If you have a request for something to be included, feel free to let me know.

    To install, simply extract the mingw and msys directories into C:\, and run msys.bat, under c:\msys\1.0\. If you like, copy the included shortcut to msys.bat (msys.lnk) to your desktop or Start menu, for quicker access. If you'll be checking things out via SVN (which you probably will, at some point), install Subversion by running svn-1.4.5-setup.exe.

    To test your environment, change directory up to 1.0 (type "cd .." without quotes), then cd down to local/ps2dev/ps2sdk/samples (type "cd local/ps2dev/ps2sdk/samples"), choose a sample and cd into its directory (for example, type "cd cube"), then type "make". If you get the message "No targets specified and no makefile found", there's likely a subdirectory that contains the source you're looking to compile (as there is in several of the samples). Simply type "ls" to list the directory's contents, choose a subdirectory, type "cd subdirectory" (replacing subdirectory with whatever it's really called, of course), then try typing "make" again. If you compile something, then later want to compile it again (perhaps you modified it, or modified your environment), simply type "make clean", then type "make".

    I've also provided a collection of compilable source, by many authors, which you can simply extract into your c:/msys/1.0/home directory, cd into after starting msys, and compile. It can currently be found here:

    ...and an introduction to PS2 homebrew development, which can currently be found here:

    Thanks go out to:

    Lukasz Bruun, for doing 99% of the work (this environment is based on his MinGW PS2SDK tutorial, with several modifications and fixes), and also for giving me a few nudges in the right direction involving gsKit, SDL, and romfs (the latter of which is still a work-in-progress). Also, a big thanks to him for providing me with precompiled copies of libito and romfs, which would not compile with MinGW/msys and the current PS2SDK.

    ps2devman, for providing some Cygwin files for gsKit - as MinGW couldn't properly build gsKit without them, and PS2SDK will no longer build in Cygwin, thus I had no direct way of getting the files myself - and for providing help with fixing gsKit, and helping to update some source code of his to compile with the current PS2SDK (the more compilable source, the better ).

    cosmito (previously ptek), for providing several Cygwin files and some good info for the attempted romfs fix, which is still being worked on, and for pointing me to the gsKit FONTM improvements Mega Man created.

    Mega Man, for providing the FONTM improvements he created for gsKit.

    The makers of myPS2, for their functional source of libjpg.

    ragnarok2040, for mentioning in a thread at the idea of using myPS2's libjpg source, for his wonderful gsKit fixes, and for his ZLIB port.

    Rev1Dev, for posing the questions that led to Ragnarok2040 mentioning the libjpg idea above (heh).

    extraweb1, for requesting I add libjpg, which sent me on the quest that ended up with me adding not only libjpg, but usbhdfsd, and for asking a few questions concerning uLE, which prompted me to add the uLE patches

    Oobles, for (and for giving me the ability to update the site and SVN repo).

    Many, many people, for PS2SDK, and for the libraries and tools that I've installed for this PS2SDK.

    And everyone else in the PS2 development scene

    - LB, of
    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...

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    Something I should note (though it was already mentioned several times above, somewhat) is that ROMFS is currently not supported by this build (or any MinGW build, as far as I can see), as ROMFS was created only with Linux and Cygwin in mind. I'm still working on fixing this issue (and have solved some of the problems, with the help of ptek and Lukasz), but rather than include a partially functional ROMFS, I've simply left it out completely for now. If you'd like to help, please let me know.

    In any case, ROMFS isn't really integral, and there are other ways of going about the same thing (namely, embedding other files within an ELF, then extracting and executing them during runtime), so in the meantime, everyone will do just fine
    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...

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    is there a way you could add libjpg to this also or tell me how to do it? Please and Thank you!

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    libjpg or libjpeg? libjpg doesn't currently compile, though I may be able to compile the custom myPS2 libjpg, using the ULE libjpg patches (if that works in MinGW).
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    OK, I've compiled libjpg from myPS2, added libjpg.h and libjpg.a to their appropriate directories, and uploaded the new version.

    Could you try to compile some source that requires libjpg, and let me know if it works? I can't seem to find anything that uses libjpg, aside from HD_Project, which also uses libcdvd, which I'm still working on I have no way of testing libjpg.

    Alternately, providing me with some source that requires libjpg would help as well.
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    It is a part of the HDProject. I'm trying to get an easy enviroment up and running for Compiling free_mcboot as most can not and if we had a way mabe others could help us.
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    Ah. Were you able to test libjpg, or do you require other libraries to be installed as well (libcdvd, etc)?
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    it still wont compile it says libjpg not found so here is the specifics

    $ make
    make -C src
    make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mcboot/src'
    ee-gcc -D_EE -O2 -G0 -Wall -I/usr/local/ps2dev/ps2sdk/ee/include -I/usr/local/p
    s2dev/ps2sdk/common/include -I. -I/usr/local/ps2dev/ps2sdk/iop/include -I/usr/lo
    cal/ps2dev/ps2sdk/common/include -I/usr/local/ps2dev/gsKit/include -I/usr/local/
    ps2dev/libjpg/include -I/usr/local/ps2dev/ps2sdk/sbv/include -c mcboot.c -o mcbo
    In file included from mcboot.c:15:
    mcboot.h:30:20: libjpg.h: No such file or directory
    make[1]: *** [mcboot.o] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mcboot/src'
    make: *** [all] Error 2
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    Hmm...I'm wondering where the makefile is trying to include Makefile.pref and Makefile.eeglobal should be either

    include $(PS2SDK)/samples/Makefile.pref
    include $(PS2SDK)/samples/Makefile.eeglobal


    include $(PS2SDK)/Makefile.pref
    include $(PS2SDK)/Makefile.eeglobal

    If it's an old source, it may be looking in

    include $(PS2LIB)/Makefile.pref
    include $(PS2LIB)/Makefile.eeglobal

    I'd look myself, but I'm getting an "Invalid attachment" error on that attachment. If you will, please email it to me. I'll PM you with my email address.

    Thanks for your help.
    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...

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    Thanks for the email. I'm tied up at the moment, but I'll get back to checking it out a little later, and let you know what I find.
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