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    Default Castlevania Circle of the moon codbreaker code

    I added the wtw code to the site helder.

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    Default Castlevania Circle of the moon codbreaker code

    i made these codes along time ago, and i am suprised no one stole them cause they Actually work and i did the work to prove they work

    Instant Level Up
    3202566A 0001

    Max Strength
    32025646 00FF
    32025648 00FF

    Max Defense
    3202564E 00FF
    32025650 00FF

    Max Intelligence
    32025656 00FF
    32025658 00FF

    Max Luck
    3202565E 00FF
    32025660 00FF

    [size=7px]02025644 0064 nothing
    02025646 0064 STR blue hightlight 100
    02025648 0064 STR (orange) modified 255 (Temporary)
    0202564c 0064 nothing
    0202564e 0064 DEF blue hightlight 100
    02025650 0064 DEF (orange) modified 255 (Temporary)
    02025652 0064 nothing
    02025654 0064 nothing
    02025656 0064 INT blue hightlight 100
    02025658 0064 INT (orange) modified 255 (Temporary)
    0202565A 0064 nothing
    0202565C 0064 nothing
    0202565E 0064 LCK blue hightlight 100
    02025660 0064 LCK (orange) modified 255 (Temporary) [/size]
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    Default Castlevania Circle of the moon codbreaker code

    Ok, I added the codes to the site. I'm not sure what you want me to do with the codes under neath "work:". So I didn't add those yet.

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    Default auxilio!

    In this page give a CodeBreaker code for the Circle of the Moon and is the "Walk Thru Walls".Could someone convert it for the GSv1.0/ARv2.0 and the ARv3.0+?by the way ,could be posible that somebody create a code to play as Hugh Baldwin?Do the "Swordsman" mode exist?a long time I found in the web a picture in which in the right from where say "Crossroads" appears "Swordsman".

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    I looked up this thread to find the code. I see it's on the site tho, but listed twice. This is a great code but I had to enable max stats cause I was getting killed by the powerful enemies. Great code Helder. Thanks!

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