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    Default Not sure where to put this (OPEN PS2 LOADER)


    As the title says im not sure where I can or even if I can put this here.

    But I am trying to set OPEN PS2 LOADER up to run games from my laptop via a cross over cable.

    I have followed multiple guides and I think I found one to help guide with the connection, because the PS2 is not giving any errors anymore.

    But what I cant seem to find is how to get it to list the games, when I search the only results I find are people trying to run from a USB (which sucks because its speeds are crap).

    Below is my config for both PS2/PC just in case something may be wrong.

    created folder (ps2smb) on desktop and shared, provided new user (guest) with full read/write permissions
    in network settings allowed sharing both public and private settings and disabled password protection

    adapter settings set ipv4 to use subnet

    on PS2 (opl) settings, eth prefix path set to ps2smb, eth start mode to auto

    on ps2 network config advanced options is off, eth link mode auto
    -ps2- ip type static, ip address, subnet gateway/dns
    -smb server- ip address, port 445, share PS2SMB, user guest, p/w <blank>

    it seems to be connecting fine, but I have no idea why nothing is showing thats placed in my PS2SMB desktop folder.

    It has the following folders inside:

    The game I am trying is Winback2, I have used USB EXTREME after mounting the ISO to convert/install the game, but nothing.


    if i copy this to a USB stick the game works.

    For the life of me I cant figure out why it isnt showing games via my network, clearly theres nothing wrong with the game as its runs fine (but slow FMVs) via usb.

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    you using v0.9.3?

    and you dont need convert iso

    as opl 0.9.x can read iso files

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    yea i think so, its a blueish gray background with opl in blue and psx scene below it, but ill double check.

    could it be that my laptop connects via wifi but i am using a cross over from laptop to ps2 and the network adapter (lan) is saying unidentified network, if i disable wifi it says no internet.

    does the adapter need an internet connection in order for the ps2 to access the shared folder on my laptop?

    just downloaded from your link, using the one with ps2rd included and its the same, not showing games.

    i dont get when i google all i find is users wanting to use opl to load games from usb when its slow as hell.
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