At the behest of DeathSpawn, I've added a blurb to the top of the Chat page.

A lot of people join IRC chat via Mibbit, our web client. Since the regulars are often idling, these Mibbit visitors frequently leave after a few minutes when their questions aren't immediately answered. Part of the problem is that Mibbit is a web client, isn't very pretty, and as a web client is treated as temporary. If more visitors used a real IRC client, they'd likely wait a little longer and have their questions answered - and maybe even stick around afterward. Anyway, here's the new blurb:

Welcome to - kick back and stay a while. Though people are online, we might be doing other things and not see your message right away. For a better chat experience, you can also connect using a client instead of your browser. We recommend Hexchat for Windows & Linux, but you can use whatever you like and there are many to choose from. Remember: the more people that stay, the more active chat will be.

IRC client info:
SSL Port: 6697