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    Default Kafluke's Hard Mod CBHC Unbrick Guide (Wii U)

    Welcome to the CBHC hardmod unbrick guide. This is not for the "faint of heart". In other words, this is not a noob guide. I expect you to have skills in micro-soldering as well as a basic knowledge of windows file system. I will not hold your hand through every step. This guide is for IT professionals with micro-soldering skills. If you do not fit these qualifications then hire someone who does. I will not be held responsible if you permanently disable your Wii U. This guide is for users that inadvertently bricked by messing up CBHC. I know that you can use the same steps to fix other nand issues but I won't be covering that here.

    Last updated 7-13-17 - Last checked for updates: 7-13-17

    This guide assumes that you at least have a nand backup. This includes but is not limited to "otp.bin" and/or "slc.bin". Please read below for more information on what you actually need to make this work.

    Kafluke's Hard Mod CBHC Unbrick Guide
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