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    Default Wii DS ROM Sender v1.1 Released

    By GaryOPA

    This application will allow you to send NDS ROM's via a Wii to a DS using Download Play.

    Nintendo has turned off the 'online servers' for the older Nintendo DS (before the 3DS) handhelds, but using your Nintendo Wii and this new homebrew utility from FIX94 you can solve those 'offline' issues, by sending over NDS ROM's from your Wii to your DS!

    v1.1 Changelog:

    allow unsigned nds roms (only run when the ds has FlashMe installed)
    some code cleanup

    Please note that if your DS is not patched with FlashMe then you can only send over Official Demo ROM's. All you have to do is put your .nds/.srl files into a "srl" folder on your sd card, get the current version of this program from the "releases" tab and start it via the homebrew channel. After it loaded up just select the file you want, download it on your DS and play it!
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