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    Default New GameBoy & GameBoy Color Everdrive Flash Cartridges Approaching With Save States

    Krikzz of Everdrive fame recently posted on his official website's message board to announce that the Everdrive GB was about to be replaced by the Everdrive GB X series. Ditching flash based memory, the Everdrive GB X is moving towards PSRAM technology which promises lower power consumption and a whole host of new features. The most notable of these is the arrival of save state functionality - a feature usually seen exclusively in emulation that allows progress in games to be frozen, saved to cartridge, and then recalled at a later date.

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    With an expected launch sometime during summer, Krikzz also announced that there will be three different versions of the Everdrive GB X cartridge made available - the X3, X5 and X7 (a naming convention also seen on his Mega Everdrive range). The X3 is due to be the budget release with limited features, while the X7 will come packed with advanced offerings, at a price.

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    That's nice but as usual Krikzz always fails short on the key issues: only 8MByte ROM and 128Kbyte of RAM. People would like to write tech demos and play hacks that may be larger! Also, no rumble, RAM code support, or the tilt censor apparatus utilised in Kirby's Tilt and Tumble. FAIL!
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    Well that's just great I literally just got a regular Gameboy everdrive sent to me by Stone Age ha. I love the guys just business but it does get a little bit annoying and go out and buy new hardware wish they could just updated like that sd2snes. I don't know maybe I'm wrong on that fact maybe firmware is not enough to do that. I just give friends family and people I do favors for or favors for me the old ones I guess haha

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    I'm still going to support him because he's a hard worker but I would have just made the best product right the first time. I was always taught in the military do things to the best of your ability or do it right the first time you may not get a second chance ha

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    Save states should come in handy.

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