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    Default 7 Things You Never Knew About Dunkin Donuts

    A former Dunkin' Donuts employee recently took to Reddit to share everything he learned during the seven months he worked at the beloved coffeehouse chain.

    In the tame yet enlightening Ask Me Anything, he divulged some details on how the coffee is made, and why the doughnuts sometimes disappoint. Read on for the employee's most interesting revelations, and then check out even more Dunkin' Donuts fun facts.


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    Quite a bit of the reddit AMAs have interesting things, along with just reading the stories of things people have experienced in life. I can't remember if it was JG Wentworth or whatever for real estate, but long ago they had a funny thread from some place like that and it was an AMA and people just crushed them. It was hard not to laugh with some of the terrible answers.

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    a school? it's like go to wrestling school to become a wrestler

    Customize your own sandwich is a great idea. so i will go with sausage and cheese on english muffin. i can't digest eggs

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