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    Default [Request]Tales of Destiny (NTSC-U) SLUS-00626 (ps1)

    Hello! first of all I want to thank all the people here, you guys have been really helpful!

    I was playing the game up until castle Terazzi, where a monster called warfish, drop a unique item in the second slot, even the guides say is a 10% drop rate in the second slot (monsters have two drop slots, first one can be steal, second one not)
    I tried for around 2 hours, and nothing. So I became really frustrated, because of this!

    I was looking for a code, one that makes rutee always successful steal from monsters; or a code (that would make steal useless) that make monsters always drop their slot 2 loot or every loot available(1 and 2), I searched all over the net and found nothing!
    So I humble ask for someone, that can make this two codes.

    I'm using pSX_1_13-1220 so here's my memcard
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

    epsxe memory card
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

    and here's my raw ps1 save, from my ps2 via ulaunchelf using psupaste
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

    Thanks in advance!

    edit:FIXED THE MEMORY CARD (now it works)
    A little explanation about the rawsave format in this game:
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...
    when I attempt to import the save it says, the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    For the Tales of Destiny savefile, the file name is BASLUS-00626<TOD-03>
    file name is the problem.Renamed it to "BASLUS-00626=TOD-03=" and then use the import feature.
    After that go to edit->edit save header and replace those equal signs (=) with < and >.
    Last edited by patuli; 04-21-2017 at 12:09:35 PM. Reason: FIXED MEMORY CARD,add memory for epsxe

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    I found out that luck is the stat that affects the drop rate and steal succeed, also that depending on what you put on the food sack, the luck rise (Sea Bream)
    So I just put all my sea bream; on the food sack and then use the code on this site, so food never decrease. ( I feel ashamed for asking sorry!)
    btw i found out this japanese codes, that want to convert them to the american release, and was wondering how to do it?
    thanks for reading!

    Gald never drecrease when you buy from shops
    D01361EC 06CC
    801361EE AC03

    Items never drecrease when you sell them
    D01362E2 0064
    801362E2 0060

    combat items never decrease(energy bullet,hourglass,etc)

    D00B64AA 2442
    800B64A8 0000
    D00B63FA 2442
    800B63F8 0000

    items dont decrease outside combat
    D01155D2 2442
    801155D0 0000

    Normal items dont decrease in combat (elixir,miracle gels,etc)
    D00B6472 2442
    800B6470 0000
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    almost finish the game now, I found one nasty bug tough and is not the infamous drycoft glitch is another one and
    I wonder how easy or feasible, would be a fix, so that the item lavender actually increase slash and trust
    since it increases attack but the real stats for attack are slash and trust.

    Each character has three attack values: Attack (called STR in the status screen), Slash, and Thrust, the latter two being the real attack values. For some reason, these values are only linked if they increase due to a level-up. So, Lavender and R. Lavender will increase Attack (STR), but they won't increase Slash and Thrust.

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