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    Default Gran Turismo 3 PAL Buy Any Car

    Hi everyone,

    I have tried many different conversions of @47iscool code for this game to no avail the game either freezes when going to dealership/trade options or doesn't work at all; I am not a coder/hacker but know how to convert codes and I can't convert this code as I think it'll be because there are some differences between the games car lists.

    I need to be able to buy the CHRYSLER Viper GTS R Concept for my save pack I am updating and completing don't know if I can add outside links but if anyone want the site PM me.

    Also I need this to be able to buy one of the unique colours for the Honda S2000, the one with no name logo frontend in the garage, I have genuinely tried everything I know to no avail and so am turning to the community now.

    Also can anyone tell me how to convert directory/folder codes from the action replay max please.



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    I added PAL version of All Cars Purchaseable code
    lee4 Does Not Accept Codes Requests !
    When lee4 asks a question it does not mean lee4 will look at your game
    *How to create and use SegaCD codes >click here<*

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