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    Default How To Install PSP eCFW On Your 3.60 #HENkaku Enabled Vita

    BobbyBlunt has posted a tutorial/guide to help those of you with HENkaku enabled PS Vita/PSTV's to get your favorite PSP games and homebrew running on your device.

    By Bobby Blunt

    Developer The_Flow has released Adrenaline which is a PSP emulated CFW for Henkaku. You will need 3.60 to run Henkaku in order to use this release. Use this at your own risk. Neither I nor the developers are responsible for any possible risks.

    You must use TaiHankaku beta:


    Things you will need:

    1.) A PS Vita or PSTV on 3.60 (No 3.61 or 3.63 will not work, no you can't downgrade)

    2.) A PSP demo or game installed on your Vita. There were warnings weeks ago that you would need this. (I used Petz Saddle Club Demo)

    3.) The package located here: https:/!8JRmTSDC!TgJXztwMF4x6lVDHWF8G9kJp7GyJK1n0Jt85M92 S3ro

    4.) FTP Clinet on your PC (I use WINscp)

    Both a revised written README as well as the original are included in the package

    PSP ISO files go in ux0:/pspemu/ISO PSP Homebrew goes in ux0:/pspemu/PSP/Game

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