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    If there's nothing out there yet, it might be time for you to learn how to find the codes on your own.

    Your first steps are to install the latest rebug firmware. After that, install the rebug toolbox. Then use the toolbox to change your target ID to DEX. Then use it again to change the kernel to DEX only after you've done the target ID first or you'll risk a brick. After that use the debug settings to set boot mode to system software mode and some other setting to debug. Set debug network settings to single. Configure your network settings to whatever you want. Connect a LAN cable between your PS3 and a computer. Find a copy of ProDG online to download and install which will allow your computer to connect to the PS3 and it will allow NetCheat to attach to a game while playing using that tmapi_net.dll or whatever it was called. Download and use NetCheat. Then with NetCheat, you can connect to your PS3 while playing and scan for codes as you go. If you are unable to get that far, I don't really know how to help. I have no PS3 these days, so you're kind of stuck figuring it out or going without codes at this point.

    I have even worse shotgun methods that would take so long I have yet to see a single human being other than me do them even though they often yield random useful results without ever needing to connect to the PS3, but nobody else has ever had the patience to try them so I must be a little crazy.

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    Thanks bungholio,

    I was seriously considering your suggestion but then the game (PS3 Don't Starve: Giant Edition) started crashing after every time it tried to autosave.

    I tried looking for a working game crack update for it but no luck so I don't think I'm going to bother unless someone can point me in the right direction as to where I can find the game crack update for 4.81?

    Thanks again for all your hard work and help!
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    Are you on official Sony firmware? Before there was scetool to decrypt games from a firmware higher than 3.55, game developers used to intentionally throw in annoying things like making games either not start or delete save data if the firmware was 3.55 or lower. The lower your firmware is compared to the update that comes with the game disk or whatever is set in the game's PARAM.SFO file, the more likely there's a chance it will fail. I even remember I couldn't get Escape From Dead Island to work on 4.50 ITA firmware nor Sword art Online, but once I installed the latest rebug firmware Escape From Dead Island worked but then I had to use Cobra mode to get PSN games or updates working.
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