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    Default [PS2][SCUS-97196]Twisted Metal Black Online: Codes and notes

    Here are my notes and codes for twisted metal black online. The main servers for this game have been offline for years.

    player pointer: 004FA030
    0+0: player xyz coords
    2D4: current speed
    318: acceleration
    31C: turbo boost
    34C: turn acceleration
    3F0: gravity
    3F4: jump height
    486: player die boolean (1 = die)
    790+0: player model ptr
    player/object pointers in game: 004FA034
    4: pointers start (8 total)
    78: map objects pointers
    Enable Fake players in lobby (good for testing purposes)
    203158F0 00000001
    203158F8 79616C50
    203158FC 00327265
    20315B10 00000001
    20315B18 79616C50
    20315B1C 00337265
    20315D30 00000001
    20315D38 79616C50
    20315D3C 00347265
    20315F50 00000001
    20315F58 79616C50
    20315F5C 00357265
    20316170 00000001
    20316178 79616C50
    2031617C 00367265
    20316390 00000001
    20316398 79616C50
    2031639C 00377265
    203165B0 00000001
    203165B8 79616C50
    203165BC 00387265
    player IDs
    100: junk yard dog
    E0: brimstone
    60: outlaw
    140: mr grimm
    20: roadkill
    A0: crazy 8
    80: spectre
    1A0: darkside
    120: shadow
    40: yellow jacket
    160: axel
    180: warthog
    1C0: manslaughter
    C0: sweettooth
    1E0: minion
    200: dark hawk (aka warhawk) - freezes game
    player fire weapon
    set default weapons on spawn
    get # deaths
    get # kills
    get # points
    Super Turbo Boost (hold R3)
    201DEAB8 03E00008
    D0612242 0000FFFB
    201DEAB8 08028480
    200A1200 3C080050
    200A1204 8D08A030
    200A1208 3C094120
    200A120C AD0902D4
    200A1210 03E00008
    Hardcore mode(no nametags or identifiers above players)
    20149D08 03E00008
    20149D0C 00000000
    Always enable bots in game
    20139A70 10000004
    Enable bots for all game modes (use with Always enable bots in game)
    20139A50 00000000
    201755CC 00000000
    201755D8 00000000
    20175600 00000000
    20139AB0 10000003
    20139AA4 0C028400
    200A1000 27BDFF10
    200A1004 AFBF0000
    200A1008 24080006 # of bots
    200A100C AFA80004
    200A1010 AFA00008
    200A1014 AFA4000C
    200A1018 3C05FFFF
    200A101C 34A5FFFF
    200A1020 0C05D562
    200A1024 00000000
    200A1028 8FA80004
    200A102C 8FA90008
    200A1030 25290001
    200A1034 AFA90008
    200A1038 8FA4000C
    200A103C 1528FFF6
    200A1040 00000000
    200A1044 DFBF0000
    200A1048 03E00008
    200A104C 27BD00F0
    Note: This bypasses the "2" bot limit for LAN games. You can have up to 7 bots with 1 player.
    Super jump
    201E0ED8 3C014080
    Kill Everyone [pause menu item]
    204EA9D8 6C6C694B
    204EA9DC 65764520
    204EA9E0 6E6F7972
    204EA9E4 00000065
    20217800 08028500
    20217804 00000000
    200A1400 3C080050
    200A1404 8D08A030
    200A1408 3C090050
    200A140C 8D29A034
    200A1410 25290004
    200A1414 8D2A0000
    200A1418 11400008
    200A141C 00000000
    200A1420 11480003
    200A1424 00000000
    200A1428 240B0001
    200A142C A14B0486
    200A1430 25290004
    200A1434 1520FFF7
    200A1438 00000000
    200A143C 03E00008
    Note: Can not be used with other pause menu codes.
    Helicopter Control (for most maps) [pause menu item]
    Controls: L1 lowers, R1 lifts.
    204EA9D8 494C4548
    204EA9DC 54504F43
    204EA9E0 00005245
    20217800 08028540
    20217804 00000000
    200A1500 3C0A0050
    200A1504 8D4AA030
    200A1508 8D4A0790
    200A150C 3C0E0013
    200A1510 35CECF58
    200A1514 3C18000A
    200A1518 8F1915F4
    200A151C 1720001A
    200A1520 00000000
    200A1524 8D4F0000
    200A1528 AF0F15F4
    200A152C 3C080050
    200A1530 8D08A034
    200A1534 25080078
    200A1538 8D090004
    200A153C 11200003
    200A1540 00000000
    200A1544 1000FFFC
    200A1548 25080004
    200A154C 8D090000
    200A1550 240B0010
    200A1554 012B4823
    200A1558 8D290000
    200A155C 8D290020
    200A1560 AD490000
    200A1564 3C08001E
    200A1568 35080224
    200A156C 3C090802
    200A1570 35298580
    200A1574 AD090000
    200A1578 3C0D1000
    200A157C 35AD0009
    200A1580 1000000A
    200A1584 00000000
    200A1588 AD590000
    200A158C AF0015F4
    200A1590 3C08001E
    200A1594 35080224
    200A1598 3C0903E0
    200A159C 35290008
    200A15A0 AD090000
    200A15A4 3C0D5040
    200A15A8 35AD0009
    200A15AC ADCD0000
    200A15B0 03E00008
    200A1600 3C080050
    200A1604 8D08A030
    200A1608 8D080000
    200A160C 3C09000A
    200A1610 8D2A15F0
    200A1614 15400003
    200A1618 00000000
    200A161C 8D0C0008
    200A1620 AD2C15F0
    200A1624 C52015F0
    200A1628 3C0D4040 #Vertical speed
    200A162C 3C0B0061
    200A1630 856B2242
    200A1634 240CF7FF
    200A1638 116C0006
    200A163C 00000000
    200A1640 240CFBFF
    200A1644 116C0007
    200A1648 00000000
    200A164C 10000009
    200A1650 00000000
    200A1654 448D0800
    200A1658 46010000
    200A165C 10000005
    200A1660 00000000
    200A1664 448D0800
    200A1668 46010001
    200A166C 10000001
    200A1670 00000000
    200A1674 E5000008
    200A1678 E52015F0
    200A167C 03E00008
    Note: Can not be used with other pause menu codes.
    Note: Adjust the vertical speed to 3C0D3F80 if it is moving too fast up and down. 
    Drive through walls / skywalker [hold R1]
    2013CF58 50400009
    D0612242 0000F7FF
    2013CF58 10000009
    Note: Will NOT fall through any floors while enabled. Can drive through anything.
    Drive through most walls
    2011EE60 10000192
    Note: Cant not leave the map with this code. Can drive through most buildings.
    Infinite Ammo
    201F1B60 00000000
    Rapid fire rockets
    20156F00 00000000
    20156F3C 00000000
    20155910 00000000
    Rapid fire gun turrets
    201549E8 00000000
    Full auto rockets
    201558E8 00000000
    Death mod
    201740A0 2406xxxx
    Infinite Stamina/jump
    20155050 00000000

    The codes in action:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    If you're interested, I had some junk too back when I was far dumber. It was interesting to be able to fly around in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bungholio View Post
    If you're interested, I had some junk too back when I was far dumber. It was interesting to be able to fly around in the game.
    Looks like your code controls the fall rate. That area of memory may be a float stack of all kinds of vehicle dynamics but I will have to look in to that later. The code I posted takes advantage of disabling map clipping and controlling the player Y axis.

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