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Forum Rules
General Rules
GameHacking.org Forum Rules
(breaking these may result in a ban, usually after a single warning)

1. No posting or linking to illegal content (pirated software, ROMs/ISOs of copyrighted video games, etc). We get it; some of this stuff is decades old, but we don't want Atari suing us when they re-launch Pong for the PS4.

2. No posting or linking to adult content (porn). We know you want to show all your friends the latest Tifa hentai...but take it somewhere else.

3. No hacking-for-hire. This includes offering to hack codes for money, and offering to pay money for codes (also, substitute any other form of payment for the word 'money', such as Thanks points, Reputation points, Like points, requirement of filling out a survey, etc). We realize you could just do this via PM, and we're not going to try to stop you. If you break this rule and the deal goes sour (as it often does), it's your problem and we don't want to see you whining about it. Which reminds us of Rule 4...

4. No buying or selling. We don't want to see you hocking your Super Ghouls N' Ghosts SNES cartridge, or begging someone to sell you their modded Colecovision. Sooner or later, someone gets a raw deal, and then things get ugly on the forums. There's always eBay, Amazon, and a slew of other mediums; take it somewhere else.

5. No double-registration (creating two forum accounts). If we discover you're doing this, we'll probably delete both of your accounts. If you happen to get locked out of your existing account, or run into a similar issue, let someone on staff know and we'll help you sort it out.

6. No carpooling (multiple people using a single account). If we discover you're doing this, we'll probably delete your account and ban all IP addresses using it. As noted above, if you happen to get locked out of your existing account, or run into a similar issue, let someone on staff know and we'll help you sort it out.

7. No harassing other members. While it's perfectly fine to disagree with someone, and sometimes a full-on flaming is just what the doctor ordered, if you're publicly bashing someone in more than one thread, or PMing them into oblivion with messages they don't want, you're asking to be crushed. Often, we may just break up the fight, but if you can't learn manners, we'll probably end up banning you. As a side-note, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with a staff member, as long as you adhere to the normal rules. Chances are, we're smarter than you and can stomp you in an intellectual debate anyway.

8. Don't post codes you didn't hack, unless you give credit to the original hacker. If you changed the value of something to achieve a new effect, but someone else found the address in the first place, give credit where it's due. In other words, if AmazingHacker1983 hacks a code that doubles the size of your paddle in Pong4PS4, and you change the value of his code to triple the size of the paddle...you didn't hack the code. You found a new value, and credit goes to AmazingHacker1983 for hacking the original code and to you for finding the new value.

9. Don't post duplicate threads (or duplicate posts across multiple threads). If no one responds for a few days and your thread is sinking into the abyss, you may bump it once or twice, with a few days between. If no one seems interested, you just may have to figure out how to hack Magic Johnson's Kitchen Fun Time yourself.

GameHacking.org Forum General Guidelines
(these aren't technically rules, but they're worth considering if you don't want everyone to hate you)

1. Don't be a backseat moderator. If there's something going on that shouldn't be, let us know...but leave it at that. We can and will turn this site around and take you home.

2. In general, make posts that are relevant to the thread you're in. If you must go off-topic, create a new thread for it. No one wants to get all excited that someone's responded to their request for codes, only to find that it's just you talking about your mom's spaghetti.

3. Don't abuse BB Code. If your post is painful to look at, or difficult to read due to color contrast, go back to the drawing board.

4. D0N'7 7@lk LiK3 7hi$ - 'leet speak' is frowned upon. For that matter, "U 2? 4 wut?" does not reflect well on you either. Since you're probably not typing on an early 90's cell phone, you can spare the extra letters and make your elementary school English teacher proud.

5. Don't overuse the Thanks and Like buttons. If you say Thanks for something, it's obvious that you also liked it, so there's no need to click both. If you're clicking Thanks or Like for more than four or five things a day, you're doing it wrong.

GameHacking.org Forum Retribution Scale
(this is what will happen if you break the rules, or generally piss us off)

For breaking the rules, there are four stages of penalties:

A. The member is given a warning, is told the rule he/she broke, and that he/she will be temp-banned if he/she breaks it again.
B. The member is banned for 1 week, is told the rule he/she broke, and that he/she will be banned for 1 month if he/she breaks it again.
C. The member is banned for 1 month, is told the rule he/she broke, and that he/she will be banned for 1 year if he/she breaks it again.
D. The member is banned for 1 year, and is told the rule he/she broke. After 1 year passes, the user will be given a fresh slate. If the user manages to work his/her way back to another year ban, they will instead be permanently banned.

Note: Depending on the severity of the infraction and the immediate or potential disruption to the forums and community, we may sidestep this process completely and permanently ban you. Generally, this involves deleting your account entirely.

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Forums - GameHacking.org rules.