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Tutorial - Making PS1 GameShark Codes using Cheat Engine

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  • Tutorial - Making PS1 GameShark Codes using Cheat Engine

    Sorry, I don't like ePSXe too much, only use it when I have to...
    What you are about to read/see is based on using Windows XP.

    First off, my method here requires you to get the conversion formula from either:
    1. Booting the game on real hardware, with a GameShark Pro OR
    2. Being able to re-create an already made GameShark code

    You Need:
    pSX v1.13 with BIOS and possibly 'that DLL'
    Cheat Engine
    maybe Daemon Tools Lite

    1. Load the game, for this example, it will be "Blast Chamber USA PS1"

    2. Open Cheat Engine and press the small button to select psxfin.exe

    3. Change "Value Type" to byte (or 2 bytes just depends)

    4. Now, the goal is to re-create a GameShark code using Cheat Engine...
    In this example I see that the page for Blast Chamber USA PS1 have these codes:

    1  Infinite Chamber Time  	 800B504E 00B4
    2 Infinite P1 Time 	800B438A 0037
    3 Infinite P2 Time 	800B44F6 0037
    4 Infinite P3 Time 	800B4662 0037
    5 Infinite P4 Time 	800B47CE 0037
    6 Infinite Lives 	800B438C 0009
    I will choose "Player 1 Infinite Time" 800B438A 0037.
    Really this code should be 300B438A 0037...

    5. Open the Calculator by Start->Run->calc and enter key then go to View->Scientific

    GameShark - 300B438A 0037 Means
    Address - 300B438A
    Value - 0037

    The code's value can be converted from Hex to Decimal by clicking the circle that says "Hex" and entering in 37, then clicking "Dec" circle

    Hex 37

    After Clicking Dec...

    Value = 55 Decimal

    6. After starting a level, the first thing I see is the time starts off at 55.
    So, that's where I will start my first scan...

    A good thing about pSX is (by default) soon as you click off of the screen, the emulator pauses.

    So I click off of the emulator to pause the action, and make a byte scan for the decimal value of 55

    There are 15,000 possible codes...

    7. You should know how to do these simple scans if you are reading this...
    I'm lazy, so my way (to avoid typing) would be let the value go down by 1 (54) and search "Decreased value by 1" and repeat

    14 possible codes...

    8. In this example, I repeat step 7 and let the value go down to 53 and just click next scan (since it once again decreased by 1)

    Only 9 possible codes, so it's just time to start testing now...

    In the "Found Addresses" at the top to Cheat Engine hit Ctrl+A to select all the codes, or double click a single one.
    Click the small red arrow to send all possible codes to the bottom so you can lock the values.

    9. Click a code one at a time (or not) to "Freeze" the value and return to the game to see if it's the proper code.

    In this example, the very first one was the correct one...
    If it's not for you, simply uncheck that wrong address and freeze the next one and return to the game for testing etc.

    10. The hard part is over with, now you have a code in Cheat Engine Address and the same code in GameShark Address.

    The only thing you need to do now is go back to your HEX calculator and find the difference between the two...

    In this example: CE - _ = GS (Cheat Engine Minus Something Equals GameShark)

    CE Code - 1C343AA
    GS Code - 300B438A

    The 30/80 of a GameShark code can be taken away from the equation 30 means it's a Byte code, and 80 means 2 bytes are being modified.

    CE - GS = Difference
    1C343AA - B438A = 1B80020

    So that's the "Something" for the formula above.
    CE - _ = GS
    CE - 1B80020 = GS
    GS + 1B80020 = CE

    Note that you have to do this with each game, even different regions of the same game.
    Also note that if a code freezes the emulator, the address may not even be the same when you re-open it and load your codelist...

    11. So to test my formula for this game I've made a code with CE and am ready to convert it for GameShark usage...

    CE Code = 01C0E638
    Steps 1-10 determined that CE - 1B80020 = GS

    CE - ThatSpecialSomething = GameShark
    1C0E638 - 1B80020 = 8E618

    Remember to add either the 30 for byte or 80 for two bytes...
    And if your code is not EIGHT characters, then add a 0 after the 30/80

    So 308E618 becomes 3008E618 address value of 6
    3008E618 0006

    Sorry if that's confusing, I made it very quickly...

    To test the code, either use ePSXe and PEC, or use pSX emulator and a cheat disc such as CodeBreaker. Or even better, boot the cd on real hardware and test it out.


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    Dear Mezmorize

    Would you be able and willing to create/convert some NTSC USA North American Digimon World 1 Gameshark cheat codes into UK PAL format for me as i really like this game and i am currently unable to progress any further on it and so i need for someone to be able to do this for me and i figured that you would be a safe bet as you are an experienced and knowledgeable hacker and would know a great deal about doing this kind of thing. I really hope that you can help me as i have been looking around and asking many different people for ages now about this and so far no one has been able to help me so i hope that you are finally the one who can. I would be happy and willing to pay you if i could in order that you could convert/create these codes for me as i desperately want and need them and am willing to do almost anything to get them as i really want to fully complete my game as it is one of my all time favourites. Please reply and hopefully give me good news regarding this, thank you.

    Here are all of the codes that i would like to be converted:

    All Digimon In City

    301557C5 0037
    801557C6 0037

    Have Key Items

    301BDFD2 00FF
    301BDFD3 00FF

    Have All Cards

    50002001 0000
    301BDFAC 00FF

    All Digimon Raised

    50000801 0000
    301BE00D 00FF

    No Eating And No Pooping

    80138478 00FF
    8013849E 00FF

    Digimon Modifier

    D0134EE4 0020
    801557A8 00??

    No Virus

    8013847E 0000

    Max Merit Points

    80134FC4 03E7

    Digivolve Modifier

    80134E50 00??
    01 - Botamon
    02 - Koromon
    03 - Agumon
    04 - Betamon
    05 - Greymon
    06 - Devimon
    07 - Airdramon

    Have All Medals


    Press Square To Lay A Pile Of Poop

    D0135450 FF7F
    80138460 FFFF

    Have All Digimon On The Chart/All Evolved

    301BE00D 00FF
    801BE00E FFFF
    801BE010 FFFF
    801BE012 FFFF
    301BE014 00FF

    Always Have Finish

    8013D65A 0AF1

    I know that this seems like a lot of codes to convert but i really need help on this as i am stuck on one of my favourite games and am unable to progress any further so please help me.


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      Requests don't gp in this sub forum, make a new thread with your request in the proper thread.
      Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

      THE BAD GUY!!!!!!


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        Nice guide
        Anyway I don't get any point wht you mention it for making ps1 gs code with ce?
        I noticed your guide only explain how to recreated exist ps1 gs code to ce and back to gs???sorry for my foolish,but ii suer I don't get anything beside recreated
        So quick questiion
        Do you know how to convert ce raw code to gameshark/ar/codebreaker???
        I want to know if tht possible;3
        Thanks anyway;3
        dood! im a uniter, not a divider dood