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My Own Game Genie Codes For Sega Genesis

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  • My Own Game Genie Codes For Sega Genesis

    Thanks to the tutorials that there are in this excellent site, i can find my own game genie codes easily (for sega genesis), here I am going to put game genies that I do to be able to continue enlarging the list of game genies that already exist.

    To begin, these game genies:

    Donald Duck in Maui Mallard (E)

    A4BW-WA6Y [Infinite Lives]

    A4NW-WA22 [Infinite Energy]

    Shiten Myooh (J) [Japanese version of the game "Shadow Blasters"]

    AJ5A-AA48 [Infinite Energy]

    [NOTE: Graphic Bar Will Decrease, But You Never Die]

    AKAA-AA96 [Infinite Special Attack (C Button)]

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    Here more:

    Power Drive (W) (M5)

    ACHA-TAF7 [Infinite Time]

    Punisher, The (U)

    AVDA-AA9Y [Infinite Lives] (For Punisher)

    AKMT-AA4K [Infinite Bombs] (For Punisher)

    More are coming


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      Here one more for now:

      Top Gear 2 (U)

      AMVT-AA40 [Always Finish First]


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        Another Day, Another Game Genies Codes:

        Doom Troopers - The Mutant Chronicles (U)

        AKHA-LA7Y [Skip Levels]

        [NOTE: Activate & Desactivate]

        BBHA-LA7Y [Double Velocity]

        AJEA-NA3C [Infinite Lives]

        AM7A-LA3R [Infinite Energy]

        ATFA-AA84 [Infinite AMMO]

        Earthworm Jim 2 (U)

        RZ1C-L61G [Infinite Energy]

        Flintstones, The (U)

        AWTT-AA80 [Infinite Enegy]

        Pagemaster, The (U)

        RZPT-J6V4 [Invincibility]

        Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Return of the Shredder (J)

        R1DA-C6TR [Infinite Lives]

        AJDA-EA8N [Infinite Energy]

        Is All For Now


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          Nice work.
          I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...


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            hey makes some for deadly moves for the sega


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              Thanks a lot , i will try the game deadly moves , now more game genies:

              Jurassic Park 2 - The Lost World (W)

              AL6X-4A2G [Infinite Energy]

              AM8D-0A58 [Infinite Lives]

              AXDD-2A9R [Infinite Weapon (Gun)]

              Rockman Megaworld (J)

              ALCT-AA3Y [Infinite Energy]

              Mortal Combat 5 (Unl)

              R00A-06X0 [Infinite Energy]

              RZ0A-06YW [Infinite Lives]

              ACXT-0ACB [Easy Kill]

              R0SA-06Y2 [Infinite Special]

              Robocop 3 (W)

              RZRT-A6YT [Infinite Energy] [1/2]
              RZRA-A60R [Infinite Energy] [2/2]

              ATKA-CA7T [Infinite Weapons 1, 2, 4]


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                daminmancejin, here i do one game genie for the game deadly moves, but i have a problem with fighters games (deadly moves, dragon ball z, virtua fighter 2, street fighter II, etc..) when i find the game genie for infinite energy for the player 1, also works for the cpu, i don't know why, i need help for that cases, i only want infinite energy for the player 1, but the same game genie also freeze the energy for the cpu.

                Deadly Moves (J)

                A58A-AA2C [1 Hit Kill]
                [NOTE: Works with our character or for the cpu, the one that first makes it ]


                Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster's Hidden Treasure (U)

                RZLT-A6Z2 [Invincibility] [1/2]
                ABLT-AR7R [Invincibility] [2/2]

                All for now


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                  Please, how find game genies for infinite energy in the fighters games?

                  Here more game genies:


                  Shiten Myooh (J)
                  AJ5A-AA42 [Infinite Energy]
                  [NOTE: This is an improved game genie, this also freeze the graphic bar ]

                  NEW GAME GENIES:

                  Fire Shark (U)

                  R0AA-A6WY [Invincibility]

                  Double Dragon 2 (J)

                  AJ6A-AA9T [Infinite Lives]

                  AK3A-AA8Y [Infinite Energy]

                  True Lies (W)

                  ALKA-AA6N [Infinite Lives]

                  AJYA-AA64 [Infinite Energy]

                  ALDT-AA2R [Infinite AMMO] (For All The Gun Weapons]

                  ALHT-AA80 [Infinite Grenades]

                  Is All For now


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                    wow keep going dude your awsome! make more!!!


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                      How about ATP Tour Championship Tennis


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                        I Will try


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                          Do Desert Strike Too!


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                            But Desert Strike already has game genies codes


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                              Not the untouchble code where the enemys shoot at you and there bullets go right threw you.