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(Request) Urban Chaos: Riot Response - PS2 - NTSC

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  • (Request) Urban Chaos: Riot Response - PS2 - NTSC


    I have just two requests for this game:

    1. Infinite Time - This is most helpful on the Emergency missions since those stages have objectives that need to completed within a time limit. If you don't accomplish the main objective, even if you complete the bonus objectives (such as getting the required number of head shots, using your tazer to take down enemies, or collect enemy masks), it won't count unless you rescue the VIP. Its so frustrating getting within visual range of where I need to go & time running out.

    2. Enable kills of Innocents, Firemen, Medics, & other officers (Without being classified as a failure) - While its sick & twisted, I've always enjoyed playing this game & briefly tazing one of the friendly characters. "Do that again & I'll report you!" Sometimes I'll get carried away & hold the button down a little too long, or I'll shoot one of the good guys one too many times. I know there's an infinite health code for your partner, but it would be cool just to off them without it being GAME OVER.
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    Hacking games is always fun because you don't know what's hidden in the game.

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    You will most likely be asked by whoever tries to hack this game to have save or several where or what you are trying to hack in this game

    EDIT: I mean that the majority of the codes that I asked for to be hacked on here were hacked using PCSX2 and the hacker would usually ask me for a save or several different saves of whatever I was trying to have hacked or a certain place in the game to upload it to the site (on the forum) so all the hacker would have to do is load that save into PCSX2 and be able to try and hack whatever it was I wanted hacked without having to go through the entire game..make sense?
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      Hacking games is always fun because you don't know what's hidden in the game.