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Silly question: SNES SMB1 (All-Stars) backtracking?

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  • Silly question: SNES SMB1 (All-Stars) backtracking?

    There are several minor hacks I would like to attempt myself -- at least they seem like they should be simple for an expert. This is one that I'm completely uncertain about.

    Is it even feasible to hack Super Mario Bros. in Super Mario All-Stars to enable reverse "backtracking" scrolling?

    I suspect there are differences in the underlying architecture between the NES and SNES that would make it impractical to attempt on NES, but I wonder if it's a matter of just removing artificial restrictions on SNES.

    Does anybody have insight off the top of their head?

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    It depends on the game and how long you want to spend on it...

    It's likely the code to scroll the other way simply isn't there, if it was in the original NES version but not in this then it's likely it's been dropped because it wasn't ideal...remnants of the code may still exist but they may have been removed completely.

    Finding the addresses that get executed when you hit the left boundary of the screen is by the same method used to make walk through wall codes, I just had a quick play and found this:

    snes/smasu,gg,C4EC-64DE,Mario appears on right if walk fully left(Super Mario Bros)

    You could use that as a starting point....good luck.
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      That sounds like what I was afraid of. I was hoping the lack of hardware constraints on SNES might have meant that they had to artificially suppress left scrolling for the All-Stars remake. It looks like nobody who knows for sure is around to chime in, but I appreciate your looking into it, Pugsy!