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PS3 Motherboard Reflow Guide

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  • PS3 Motherboard Reflow Guide

    Posted by Dante

    Ps3 ylod repair guide
    Some of you may know how to do this, or have done it, but this is a guide for the newbies.

    Thanks to the ultimate PS3 surgeon: Gilsky for the videos!

    PS3 Motherboard Reflow Guide:

    This will only fix certain motherboard issues. This fix will solve YLOD issues cased by the system getting so hot the CPU / GPU or direct chipsets get shifted. This fix uses a heat gun to heat up the CPU / GPU and direct chipsets and allows them to fall back in place.

    I used a standard heat gun (dual, High, Low settings). Check the temp on it though. You want it around 700-750 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Some Additional Tips Not In The Guide:

    If you have worked on PC's, this shouldn't be that hard. If you have worked on Notebooks, you shouldn't find the PS3 to be very difficult at all. Most notebook chassis are far more tedious then the PS3's.

    DOWNLOAD THE GILKSY GUIDE!!!! Read the guide a couple of times. Note the manner in which the PS3 is sitting in each photo.

    Have the guide open on your notebook or PC as you work. Otherwise print it out.

    Make sure you have enough time to take it apart and put it back together. It will take about an hour maybe an hour and a half. You don't want to take it apart then try to put it back together the next morning.

    Make sure you have a clean work area. With PLENTY OF LIGHT, I used my kitchen counter.

    Have places to sit parts out of the way.

    Have the right tools, you don't want to strip every screw.

    Get a ground strap in addition to the tools outlined.

    Have several containers to keep the screws in, one for each level of "disassembly" is what I used.
    Careful getting the first rubber foot off, I trashed mine.

    Keep track of where the coarse threaded vs. fine threaded screws come from. The coarse threaded screws generally screw directly into the plastic chassis.

    Clean the pieces as you disassemble the PS3, a vacuum with a hose attachment and canned air work great. Stubborn dust bunnies may require a paper towel dampened with alcohol.

    Keep the work area clean as you work. Be careful not to vacuum any screws. This will insure no dust (or pet hair) get into the new thermal CPU compound which could severely effect it's performance.

    When you get inside the system get a sniff of your power supply, if it smells burnt, this fix MAY not work.

    A few minor steps are missing from the guide, but they are fairly easy to figure out.

    Careful with the ribbon cables, each one has a clip to hold them on. Some release the opposite way of others.

    Righty tighty, lefty loosey!

    When assembling the PS3 make sure you have all the cables where they should be as you put it together. You don't want to have to take it back apart a bit to get a cable where it's supposed to be.

    Be sure ports meet the port-holes as they are supposed to. Over all everything should have a tight fit.

    When you put the screws back in you just need to secure everything, you aren't entering a strongman contest. Over torquing these screws may result in a funny looking PS3.


    Video Tutorials:

    Originally posted at PS3 Crunch
    The Hackmaster
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