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Nintendo Wins Copyright Case Against Canadian Flashcart Retailers

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  • Nintendo Wins Copyright Case Against Canadian Flashcart Retailers

    Nintendo has just won a recent copyright right case against Go Cyber Shopping Ltd, a Flashcart retailer that's based in Canada.
    Canadian federal court ordered Go Cyber Shopping Ltd. to pay Nintendo $12.76 million (that’s in Canadian dollars; it’s $9.51 million American) for selling devices that circumvent copyright protection on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld.

    These products, typically known as “flashcarts” in the modding scene, typically sell for $20 to $60, and they include items like Sky3DS and Gateway 3DS. While players can use them to load homebrew software, people typically use something like a Gateway to load in 3DS games that they’ve illegally pirated from the Internet. Selling flashcarts is also against U.S. regulations.
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    Yawn, CFW.


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      Nintendo filed a copyright case and won that didn't seem dumb to me like with the ancient case of Galoob's Game Genie? Does this happen often where they don't do dumb cases? This feels like a first. All I can think of is game genie and all of the youtube videos and removing people's various interesting projects from the internet.
      Database June 30, 2017