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An Open Source Web Browser for PS2 (Linux)

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  • An Open Source Web Browser for PS2 (Linux)

    By Mega Man

    PS2 Developer Mega Man shares the latest update of NetSurf for the PS2 with version 3.1. This lightweight browser is used via Linux on the PlayStation 2. Netsurf is a multi-platform web browser for UNIX type platforms that include Linux, MAX OS X and even more platforms. View the release quote from Mega Man for the PS2 instructions and details below.

    The web browser NetSurf 3.1 is available for download:

    Kernelloader - Browse /BlackRhino Linux Distribution/Live Linux USB/PS2 Live Linux USB v5 at


    You need to extract the archive to a USB storage device (at least 2 GiByte).
    Then start PS2NS/kloader.elf from the USB stick with uLaunchELF.
    When you didn't used kernelloader before, it will automatically start NetSurf.
    Otherwise you need to load the NetSurf configuration via USB. This can be selected in the menu of the new kernelloader 3.0 which is included in the download.


    When you use it, you need to know that this doesn't have the performance of a new PC. Some web pages don't fit into the 32 MiByte memory. You need to setup a swap partition for browsing web sites like (see

    I recommend to use a USB keyboard and a USB mouse; i.e. you need a USB hub for the USB storage device, because the PS2 has only 2 ports.

    The OSK (on screen keyboard) is sometimes not visible, but it is still there. You need to disable it when scrolling or clicking on hyper links.

    https doesn't work.

    Advanced stuff like videos and sound are not working inside the web browser (e.g. youtube).

    Source: (via Mega Man)
    The Hackmaster
    dlevere's blog