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What makes our database "intuitive"? Our site doesn't just see a code as text. It tests validity according to the console's memory, and can make corrections to submitted entries. And while other sites store only some alternative device codes separately wasting space, our site makes all of the necessary conversions for other devices automatically; encrypted or not! Not to mention, you can select codes you want, and export cheat files for your favorite emulators. It's that smart, and it's that simple.

Disclaimer: We are not involved with piracy (game 'cracking', etc), and do not condone hacking of online, multiplayer games. 'Hacking', in the context of GameHacking.org, refers to modification of a platform's system memory during game play, or modification of files that comprise a game, to achieve a desired effect during game play.

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What's Happening Here

Image uploading...

by rimsky82 (2 Replies)

The forum's image uploading was weird for awhile. It should be fixed now.

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target!

by Lazy Bastard (37 Replies)

After the topic came up in IRC, and we finished reminiscing about the fun we had last time around, I thought it might be interesting to bring back a once-popular activity - the Weekly Hacking Target.

Per my original post in the original thread:

Lazy Bastard says:

This morning, I was thinking about the days when myself, LiquidManZero, KingEdgar0, Ace, and a bunch of other people were all hacking the same game, at the same time - Final Fantasy VII.

Now, putting aside the awesome hacking potential of FF7 (it's still being hacked today, and there are quite a few things that still need to be hacked for it), I was pondering how it felt to hack something immediately relevant to other hackers, who were simultaneously hacking things immediately relevant to me. It's a lot of fun. We've done it with other games; FF7 is just the perfect example because of the sheer number of people hacking it.

People frequently bring up the lack of hacking projects, hacking teams, and hacking collaboration, in the scene today. They're correct, but it's difficult to organize hackers, especially when there's no clear goal: "Hack a bunch of codes for this system, as long as we all stay interested, somehow" doesn't really feel right.

Thus, I have an idea.

Let's pick a game, each week, to concentrate hacking efforts on. We can still hack whatever we're currently hacking, but if time and interest permits, we can take a few minutes to tear into the same game, and see what we can come up with. This will not only be interesting, but it will be a way to force concerted effort onto games that haven't been sufficiently hacked yet (and also, to hack more for games that have already been hacked way too much, heh).

Anyone that's interested can chime in with a game to focus on. Once we get a list, I'll make this thread a poll, include popular suggestions, we'll vote, and the game with the most votes becomes the first weekly hacking target.

Abystus is now a web developer for GameHacking.org!

by rimsky82 (5 Replies)

Well, I can't do everything around here... Now you have someone else to blame.

Congratulations Abystus, hopefully between the two of us we can keep things working around here.

New videos page, and new export format

by rimsky82 (6 Replies)

The new videos page gets the latest 25 videos for your viewing pleasure, in case you want to browse some cool hacking videos. I will probably improve this page in the future, but for now you can bask in gamehacking.org/youtube video greatness.

I also added a yaml export for N64, for those that use the Everdrive64 with the alt64 OS that features a full gameshark cheat engine by our own parasyte. I would like to thank parasyte right now for being incredibly fucking awesome. Thanks, parasyte. Krikzz has stated that the engine will eventually be included in his official OS for the Everdrive64.

Youtube Integration for Codes

by rimsky82 (11 Replies)

For those of us hackers that like to make videos of our codes in action and upload them to Youtube, you can now include a Youtube video ID to embed your video with your code details.

Hackers, just copy the video ID from your youtube link. If you click the Share button on the video's page on youtube, it's the X's in http://youtu.be/XXXXXXXXX

Personally, I use real hardware when I can, and capture it with my Elgato Game Capture HD.

Now users can see videos of the codes in action!

Another reason why our site is the BEST for video game codes!

for examples!

An Update from Me

by rimsky82 (0 Replies)

I've taken a bit of a hiatus, I thought things would simmer down after I graduated from college and my wife started her summer vacation... but they haven't. I'm working quite a bit and the progress of the site has really come to a stand-still.

I noticed that the people over at Hyperkin took advantage of our Nestopia export function to compile their cheat packages. Little do they know that the codes need a good reviewing, as there are probably still some doubles, as well as region-specific codes that may be under the wrong region, or possibly even the wrong game. I may try to see if the Chroniclers of our site want to take on the task of going through a section of our database at a time and doing some housekeeping.

I suppose some more progress of the site in the near future will be bug fixes, finishing up the NDS code conversion, and some more export formats. Also, you know I'm all ears in the forum for any ideas you have.

Happy cheating...

Viper187 is now Deputy Executive Administrator!

by Lazy Bastard (11 Replies)

It's a pretty spiffy title, and Viper187 deserves it. He is a longtime hacker and member of the admin staffs of both GameHacking.org and the now-defunct GSC, and has produced a huge body of impressive hacking work, developed iconic hacking tools used scene-wide, and helped quite a few hackers learn the ropes over the years.

As you're likely aware, I've deprecated my direct influence on the site over time, so that while I'm still the site owner, in most senses rimsky82 is in charge of GameHacking.org. Thus, the position of Deputy Executive Administrator is essentially that of 2nd in command.

This promotion will provide Viper187 with the ability to update the main site, and thus provides a third pillar of support if rimsky82 and I are both unavailable and GameHacking.org requires attention of some sort. It also means that, if the fates dictate that rimsky82 must depart at some point, Viper187 will assume the position of Executive Administrator.

Please join me in congratulating Viper187 :)

Wii and NGC exports (Text, GCT) Added

by rimsky82 (6 Replies)

I added text and gtc exports today, for wii, wii (dlc), and gamecube systems.

I also fixed a little bug in the Nestopia export, a little problem with the game attribute that holds the crc. It works properly now, I think that might have prevented the codes being recognized for the game by the emulator.

Dupe Code Clean-up

by rimsky82 (1 Replies)

I got rid of a bunch of duplicates today, and I was extra careful to go over what was being deleted, and even started over a couple times to make sure codes weren't disappearing that we still wanted. I made the script pretty strict for this first pass, and I only went through the older systems.

Within each game, code titles had to match, as well as any group and, of course, the code itself. I didn't compare the code text, but the system's interpretation of the raw code. I didn't do newer systems, because the code converters are still somewhat buggy and I need to strengthen them before I use this script on it. Pretty much the playstation/n64 generation and up were not processed yet.

I still weeded out thousands of duplicates. Because of the strict standards I used on this first pass, there may still be dupes, but not nearly as many.

Another thing that came out of this is that I added the Xploder device for the gb/gbc systems. I did so, because even though in the past I thought that it was the same as the gameshark, the codes start with a "0D" instead of a "01". If anyone could let me know if there are other types for the gb/c Xploder, that would be great.

Ugh, server issues.

by rimsky82 (1 Replies)

We had a misconfiguration problem tonight, and it screwed things up for our site for a few hours.

After school I figured it out. You may have to clear some browser cookies, or re-login to get everything looking right again.

New PS2 exports, GB/GBC fix

by rimsky82 (1 Replies)

Today I added the ps2rd export format, which is the same as an unencrypted cbc file. I also added the encrypted cbc version 7 export. Maybe if bfoos likes the idea, we can rig the day1 server to pull live codes from the database instead of static cbc files.

I also noticed that all of the GB/GBC gameshark codes were listed as raw. I made them gameshark, unless they were obviously codebreaker. It is possible there are codes listed as gameshark that are actually codebreaker for these two systems.

I have a few more playstation related exports to look at, which I might do tomorrow. Or I might watch Dr. No.

Cheat Page Update

by rimsky82 (3 Replies)

There have been quite a few changes around here in the past few days, so how about another. I updated the normal view for the cheat pages to be easier to read; it looks like a combination of the normal view and simple view. I still have the simple view in place, and it will probably stick around for a while. Let me know what you think.

Modifier System Underway

by rimsky82 (10 Replies)


I've started the new Modifier system. Basically, in the expanded code box, you can choose your modifier value and it will show you the code for it.

Hackers, when you add codes, there is a new box for modifiers. Basically, you put your modifiers in, one for each line, with the value:description like this:
01:Machine Gun
0A:Nuclear Warhead
And then your code needs question marks. So your code would just look like "1234:??".

There are also range modifiers, that are specified with min-max,step like this:
If you don't specify a step, 1 is assumed.

All numbers are assumed to be hexadecimal.

Right now, all modifiers are still in the notes, except for the one in the picture. I can try to move them systematically, and I will, but that may cause problems. I'll try my best, but chroniclers and hackers should keep their eyes peeled for such cases. It's simple enough to just edit a code and make it right.

Post any problems with the system in this thread and I will take a look at it.

Quick Feature Update

by rimsky82 (1 Replies)

I did a couple of things tonight, and have more to do, but I'm too tired and might have to work tomorrow if it doesn't start snowing.

I made a new games view, you can see it by going to your Site Settings (upper-right corner), and selecting "Mixed" under Game Selection Page -> View Style. I like it the best, I may get rid of the others and not even give you the option anymore. It should be simple enough, yet look more organized than listing the titles straight.

I also added a hacker filter to each game's page. You can select a hacker so you only see their codes for that game. Also, when you browse from the hackers page, that hacker will be filtered (inclusive) automatically.

Like I said, I have more to do. Maybe if it snows hard enough I'll do some more tomorrow.

New Feature: View Format

by rimsky82 (4 Replies)

I added a feature that people have been asking for for some time. When you are looking at a page of codes, you can specify which device to view them for (game genie, gameshark, etc.). If a code can be converted to the type, it will show on the page. Go back to "original" to view all of them again. Don't forget to specify whether or not you want them to be encrypted. Play with it, you'll understand.

I also fixed a couple of tiny bugs and such, like the code group arrow not expanding the group.