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What's Happening Here

What's Happening Here

New forums coming soon

by Lazy Bastard (6 Replies)
We'll be upgrading and changing themes, most likely to a "Night" theme, in the near future. Stay tuned.

WiiRd forums - browseable archive up

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
Several years ago, became the host for l0nk's WiiRd forums. Unfortunately, l0nk seems to have disappeared some time ago, and hasn't responded to email in over a year. Recently he seems to have let his domain,, expire, and thus no longer functioned. did a faulty job of copying it, and many people were asking if anyone had a copy of the forums, which contained codes, guides, and discussions that couldn't be found anywhere else.

Fortunately, thanks to our backup system and some great work by Demonic722, it's now available in a frozen-in-time state here at

WiiRd Forum Archive

Enjoy! Discord chat

by Lazy Bastard (4 Replies)
I forgot to mention it, but for those who don't know yet, now uses Discord for chat. We also still support IRC, and our IRC channel and Discord main channel are connected via a pair of bots that share chat between the channels. In any case, Discord is the preferred chat medium, and we may in the near future discontinue our IRC channel.

If you haven't tried Discord yet, you definitely should. It's a much more multi-platform-capable system, and you can seamlessly switch between mobile, web, and desktop app, without worry about log configuration and missing conversations in the channel forever :)

We hope to see you there.

Interviewed Geiger for Hackers of Lore

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
I've interviewed the legendary Geiger, and added the interview to Hackers of Lore.


Ace has resumed his position as a administrator!

by Lazy Bastard (2 Replies)
Welcome back to the fold, Ace. Your absence was unpleasant; let it never happen again.

;) GitHub organization account

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
There's now a GitHub organization account, primarily for Project Artemis and all its constituent parts (Artemis For PS2, Artemis For PS3, Artemis For Android, etc), but I assume it will also be used for our other projects in the near future.

For now it's mostly a skeleton, and it's probably organized and utilized badly, because I have no idea what I'm doing in GitHub. Presumably people with more experience and organizational talent will rescue me from myself shortly.

If you're interested in contributing or have input in general, let me know here or in Chat.

There will be some integration between our GitHub account and BountySource in the very near future, and hopefully some very interesting developments will unfold.

Mir is now a Super Moderator!

by Lazy Bastard (2 Replies)
Mir has been a mainstay at for many years now, and he's always been helpful to visitors, members, and staff alike. He has tirelessly drummed up activity in chat even in the darkest of times, and never asked for a thing in return.

Mir is hereby promoted from Moderator to Super Moderator, with moderation privileges for all forums.

Thank you and congratulations, Mir.

dnawrkshp is now a moderator!

by Lazy Bastard (4 Replies)
For those who don't know, dnawrkshp is the creator of Artemis PS3, the PS3 hacking system, which is pretty awesome. Hopefully we can do some cool things in the near future. In any case, it's great to have another talented member of the scene on staff.

Welcome aboard, dnawrkshp.

Chat page blurb added

by Lazy Bastard (0 Replies)
At the behest of DeathSpawn, I've added a blurb to the top of the Chat page.

A lot of people join IRC chat via Mibbit, our web client. Since the regulars are often idling, these Mibbit visitors frequently leave after a few minutes when their questions aren't immediately answered. Part of the problem is that Mibbit is a web client, isn't very pretty, and as a web client is treated as temporary. If more visitors used a real IRC client, they'd likely wait a little longer and have their questions answered - and maybe even stick around afterward. Anyway, here's the new blurb:

Welcome to - kick back and stay a while. Though people are online, we might be doing other things and not see your message right away. For a better chat experience, you can also connect using a client instead of your browser. We recommend Hexchat for Windows & Linux, but you can use whatever you like and there are many to choose from. Remember: the more people that stay, the more active chat will be.

IRC client info:
SSL Port: 6697

A look at (actually, GSHI at the time) in August, 2002

by Lazy Bastard (3 Replies)
MathUser nudged me to go dig up my oldest intact copy of the site, and this is what I came up with. Just extract the contents to a folder, open index.htm, and browse as desired. We've come a long way (and this was three years in already).

Can you find the Secret Room?

Peruse the fledgling GSHI Photogallery (which grew, and grew, and then disappeared), and ROFL at our teenage appearances.

Browse an endless collection of mostly Final Fantasy sprite images, for some reason.

Read Project Vocab in the Hacking FAQs section, wherein an adolescent Lazy Bastard attempts to cope with visitors asking questions like, "What the hell does LOL stand for?"

Let me know if you find something hilarious.



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