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What makes our database "intuitive"? Our site doesn't just see a code as text. It tests validity according to the console's memory, and can make corrections to submitted entries. And while other sites store only some alternative device codes separately wasting space, our site makes all of the necessary conversions for other devices automatically; encrypted or not! Not to mention, you can select codes you want, and export cheat files for your favorite emulators. It's that smart, and it's that simple.

Disclaimer: We are not involved with piracy (game 'cracking', etc), and do not condone hacking of online, multiplayer games. 'Hacking', in the context of GameHacking.org, refers to modification of a platform's system memory during game play, or modification of files that comprise a game, to achieve a desired effect during game play.

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Codebreaker Day1 Modification

by rimsky82 (0 Replies)

I modified our day1 server for codebreaker to host our current codes. Every time a code is added or changed to a PS2 game, a new cbc file is generated on our day1 server. This means we have the latest codes available right from your PS2!

The Codebreaker ELF modified to use our server and launch another ELF is available here:

The caveat: The day1 list is limited to 1200 entries, and there are about 1800 cbc files on our server. This means the list is truncated to the newest 1200 cbc's. If your game isn't listed, simply find the game in the database, select some codes, choose the cbc7-day1 export and click the download button. The game should then be available on the server.

Code Converter Upgrade

by rimsky82 (3 Replies)

Last night I started work on a new feature for the code converters on the systems' home pages. It will basically help you create codes, it may be especially helpful with the later consoles that have complicated codetypes and whatnot. It's in beta right now, and presented as-is. I can't guarantee its accuracy, as it's not too smart on what the devices can and can't support. (e.g. all the different types of conditionals, or math operations.) Anyway, it's a good starting point.

You select the device and whether you want the code to be encrypted as usual, then choose a codetype and input the parts in the form that appears. Easy-peasy.

It should be working for all systems, but here is a link to PS2 anyway.

Play around with it, post grievances/high praise in this thread here.

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target - 2015-01-12 - BS Zelda no Densetsu (SNES)

by Demonic722 (7 Replies)

This week we're hacking BS Zelda no Densetsu for the Super Nintendo.

Hackers, start your emulators!

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target - 2014-12-29 - FF: The 4 Heroes of Light (NDS)

by Demonic722 (3 Replies)

This week's hacking target is Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for the Nintendo DS.

Hackers, start your emulators!

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target - 2014-12-15 - Gley Lancer (Genesis)

by Demonic722 (4 Replies)

This week's hacking target is Gley Lancer for the Genesis. Abystus has graciously provided us with this list of codes that could be hacked.

Collect Anywhere
Enemies Automatically Die
Enemies Can Damage Each Other
Hit Anywhere - Hacked by Nolberto82
Keep Weapons After Death - Hacked by Hybrid
Level Progression Speed Modifier
Movement Speed Modifier
One Hit Kills - Hacked by Nolberto82
Press Start To Complete Level
Skip Intro - Hacked by Nolberto82
Level Modifier - Hacked by Hybrid
Start A New Game To View The Ending
Weapon Modifier - Hacked by Hybrid

Remember, they're just ideas. You're still free to hack whatever you want. That said, hackers, start your emulators!

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target - 2014-12-01 - Kirby & the Amazing Mirror (GBA)

by Demonic722 (4 Replies)

This week's hacking target is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for the GBA.

Hackers, start your emulators!

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target - 2014-11-17 - Chrono Cross (PSX)

by Demonic722 (12 Replies)

This week's hacking target is Chrono Chross for the PSX.

Hackers, start your emulators!

Image uploading...

by rimsky82 (2 Replies)

The forum's image uploading was weird for awhile. It should be fixed now.

GameHacking.org Weekly Hacking Target!

by Lazy Bastard (89 Replies)

After the topic came up in IRC, and we finished reminiscing about the fun we had last time around, I thought it might be interesting to bring back a once-popular activity - the Weekly Hacking Target.

Per my original post in the original thread:

Lazy Bastard says:

This morning, I was thinking about the days when myself, LiquidManZero, KingEdgar0, Ace, and a bunch of other people were all hacking the same game, at the same time - Final Fantasy VII.

Now, putting aside the awesome hacking potential of FF7 (it's still being hacked today, and there are quite a few things that still need to be hacked for it), I was pondering how it felt to hack something immediately relevant to other hackers, who were simultaneously hacking things immediately relevant to me. It's a lot of fun. We've done it with other games; FF7 is just the perfect example because of the sheer number of people hacking it.

People frequently bring up the lack of hacking projects, hacking teams, and hacking collaboration, in the scene today. They're correct, but it's difficult to organize hackers, especially when there's no clear goal: "Hack a bunch of codes for this system, as long as we all stay interested, somehow" doesn't really feel right.

Thus, I have an idea.

Let's pick a game, each week, to concentrate hacking efforts on. We can still hack whatever we're currently hacking, but if time and interest permits, we can take a few minutes to tear into the same game, and see what we can come up with. This will not only be interesting, but it will be a way to force concerted effort onto games that haven't been sufficiently hacked yet (and also, to hack more for games that have already been hacked way too much, heh).

Anyone that's interested can chime in with a game to focus on. Once we get a list, I'll make this thread a poll, include popular suggestions, we'll vote, and the game with the most votes becomes the first weekly hacking target.